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Richard Alan Kent

Comunidad de Artistas y Creadores



Born on the 2nd of December,1960 in Chihuahua, Chih, Mexico, Richard Alan Kent is the fourth and last son of a Mexican mother and Canadian father. From the years 1980 to 1984, Kent took a technical approach to his artistic talents, and successfully graduated from the Graphic Design program at the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City. But, as a vocation, he continued on with his current occupation as a self-taught painter.


Throughout the years, he has explored a mixed media technique, which has allowed him to develop his subject of focus: an intensive commitment to the female anatomical beauty. Combining various approaches on his canvas, Kent developed his own style, which led to achievements such as 40 solo and 70 collective exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, the US, and Canada. During the year of 1990, motivation and inspiration reinforced his passion for art, as he lived and traveled to Europe and visited great masters of painting, lodged in more than 50 museums. 


Among the companies and collectors with whom Kent has worked are: the Vancouver School Board, the Mexican Institute of Cardiology, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Pfizer, Bristol Myers, and Unicef. His paintings have appeared in several books, magazines, calendars, and videos, where they have illustrated different articles and promoted his work. A number of his paintings have been made by commission, sometimes reproduced with artistic purposes.


In 2002 he moved to the city of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, gradually finding his other self. His Canadian side was hidden, but latent, and nothing gives him more pleasure than to discover it through painting, while his other half stays alive.


Six Elements and a Woman in a Bathtub

Richard Alan Kent

Mixed Media/Canvas - 26” x 40”

Surrealist painting with different elements creating an enigmatic atmosphere



Six Elements Behind the Curtain

Richard Alan Kent

Mixed Media/Canvas - 32” x 36”

Surrealist painting with different elements creating an enigmatic atmosphere


The Enigma of the Invisible Woman

Richard Alan Kent

Mixed Media/Canvas - 37” x 53”

Surrealist painting with different elements creating an enigmatic atmosphere

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